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Our hope is that Queer!NEA will become a lively, participatory space. To make that happen, we’d love to have community contributors — the guidelines are simple, we promise!

IMPORTANT: All content written by contributors is uncompensated. Upon acceptance it will be posted here non-exclusively, remaining the intellectual property of the author to re-post and re-purpose as they see fit. Content provided by volunteer contributors will be clearly attributed and will not be re-used by the NEA LGBTQ Issues Roundtable beyond the Queer!NEA blog and its associated social media alerts without consent of the original author.

Informational Items

Queer!NEA welcomes links to news items, repository announcements, job openings, and any other informational content that members of the roundtable or interested outsiders would like to share. Please email content to queernea@gmail.com. Provided the content fits the selection criteria below it should appear within a week of submission, or sooner if content is time-sensitive.

Selection criteria for informational items include:

  • Minor events announcements (e.g. talk, film screening, day-long workshop, reading, service opportunity) should be taking place within the states in which New England Archivists has members (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut).
  • Major events announcements (e.g. conferences, longer workshops) can be taking place nationally and/or internationally.
  • News items directly effecting the queer community of New England (e.g. legal decisions or the passage of laws in New England states, federal policy changes, honors and awards, cases of discrimination or anti-queer violence).
  • Announcements concerning manuscript, print, art and artifact, or digital collections that relate the history of gender, sex, and sexuality and/or the experience of queer people and communities. If non-digital collections, preference is given to collections in the New England area.
  • Job announcements for positions at institutions which focus on or contain collections of particular use to historians of gender, sex, sexuality, and/or social justice histories.

Book/Article/Resource Reviews

Have you read, viewed, used a resource that you think would be of interest to members of Queer!NEA and the followers of this blog? We’d love to hear from you!

  • A resource in any medium of particular interest to the Queer!NEA audience is welcome
  • Review posts should fall between 200-500 words in length.
  • Reviews can be chatty and personal (use of the first person is encouraged!).
  • Reviews should describe and evaluate the resource, and indicate who (if anyone) would find it useful or enjoyable.
  • Include a URL to a location on the ‘net where the reader can obtain/access the resource.
  • Email reviews to queernea@gmail.com and include in the email your name as you want it to appear and a short bio (no more than 50 words).

If you have any questions concerning whether a particular resource would be of interest to the Queer!NEA audience, don’t hesitate to email us with a preliminary query before reviewing.

Longform Pieces or Series Pitches

Interested in writing regularly for Queer!NEA on topics related to the intersection of queer lives and the archives? We’d be happy to hear from you! Please email us at queernea@gmail.com with a brief description of what you would like to write, whether it’s a one-off post or a series around an organizing theme. We’ll be in touch within a week to follow up.

Obligatory disclaimer: The curators of this blog reserve the right to decide that a particular submission is outside the scope of this platform.

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