about the editors


clutterbuck-cook_headshotAnna Clutterbuck-Cook, General Editor

Co-founder of the LGBTQ Issues Roundtable, Anna serves as Reference Librarian at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Simmons College M.A., M.L.S. (2011), History and Archives Management. In 2014 she was appointed inaugural Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator for New England Archivists (2015-2017). You can find her online at thefeministlibrarian.com. She lives in Jamaica Plain (Mass.) with her wife (and co-chair) Hanna, two cats, over one thousand books, and a cupboard full of tea. She has always aspired to having a queer agenda.

bkieran_mugshot2014-10Brendan Kieran, Q5 Editor

Brendan is an Archives Management and History student at Simmons College. In addition, he works as a Library Assistant at the Massachusetts Historical Society. In his free time, he likes to read, listen to noisy music, and ponder the world around him. He regularly thinks about ways to queer both his personal and professional ambitions.

You may contact the Queer!NEA editors at queernea@gmail.com.


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