commentary: john d’emilio on AIDS history


via Out History:

Every year, without fail, when World AIDS Day comes, my own early memories of the epidemic surface:  sitting with my two housemates/friends over breakfast in the summer of ’81 and reading aNew York Times article about the first cases of a mysterious new illness; learning from a friend about the first meetings that were happening at Larry Kramer’s place in the Village to discuss what was going on; hearing that Winston, a friend who had seemed fine when I had seen him a couple of months earlier, was dying; going to a huge forum at, I believe, Hunter College, in Manhattan, the first public event I attended about AIDS; the weekly articles in the New York Native, which everyone I knew seemed to be discussing.  By 1983, the year I left New York City, it seemed impossible to be in a group of three or more gay men and not discuss AIDS.



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