internships: lesbian herstory archive


via LAGAR listserv (announcement reproduced in full below):

Lesbian Herstory Archives Internships

​The Lesbian Herstory Archives  (located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NYC) is looking for students who are interested in gaining library and/or archives experience with a demonstrated interest in Lesbian Studies, History and Activism.  We have a number of exciting ongoing ​projects for the upcoming academic year​.​  Students must be currently enrolled in an M.L.S., Archival or DAM studies program to apply. This is an unpaid internship opportunity.

What We’re Offering

  • Interns will have the opportunity for practical application of archives and library skills.
  • Course credit and letters of recommendation will be provided upon request.
  • Interns will also receive the opportunity​ to attend ​professional training ​workshops and classes outside of LHA
  • Interns will be supervised by professional librarians and other archives​ professional​staff
  • ​Lunch will be provided​


  • Avail​ability ​for a​t leas​t one full​ 8/hr week day per week.
  • ​Completion of core ​Library Science courses ​/Archives Management​
  • Familiarity with cataloging​, database data entry​and archival processing
  • Skilled in the use of MS Office and/or Google Docs and regular office equipment  ​(copier, scanner, etc)​
  • ​Accustomed to working in a Windows/PC environment


​Collection Processing & Cataloging​ (​Periodicals​, Video Tape​, Books) ​

​Intern will process incoming donated materials​, ​update cataloging records, prepare collections for ​off-site storage ​and contribute to the collection management meetings & creation of the operating procedures manual.

​Online Public Access Catalog (​OPAC)​ Project

Interns will perform database cleanup in a variety of collections and contribute to the design, testing and launch of the LHA’s new OPAC.

Audio Digitization

Interns will assist with the cataloging, digitization, indexing and re-housing of ​spoken word and oral history ​audio tapes.

Web Development

​Interns will work in a team with professional web developers to overhaul the LHA website. Students will have the opportunity to attend coding courses and access other web-development related instruction​. Experience with introduction level CSS/HTML coding is required.   Experience using Square Space (or a similar web development platform) preferred.​


Applications​ are ​accepted on a rolling basis.  Please read the instructions below very carefully.

Candidates must submit a Cover Letter (indicating skills, experience, relevant interests & availability) and Resume to 

Please include the ​phrase​ “Internship​ – Fall 2014​”.   All documents must be attached as a PDF.

NOTE: LHA cannot provide housing for interns. LHA will provide confirmation of internship acceptance for candidates who may need this documentation to accompany a grant or fellowship application.


submitted by roundtable member Jill Snyder.


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