scholarship: we deserve better


via BreakOut:

We Deserve Better: A Report on Policing in New Orleans By and For Queer and Trans Youth of Color:

For the past three years, as a part of our We Deserve Better Campaign, BreakOUT! has been surveying young LGBTQ (lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, and queer/ questioning) individuals on their experiences and interactions with the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD). BreakOUT! understands that many trans women, including young trans women of color live below the poverty line. BreakOUT! is also aware that low-income communities of color face higher rates of policing and arrests.Many transgender women, particularly transgender women of color, are negatively profiled in New Orleans. This particular population is generally harassed by police and arrested for prostitution,whether they are engaging in the sex trade, or not. Many people in New Orleans refer to this phenomenon as “Walking While Trans,” similar to the notion of racial profiling in traffic stops being referred to as “Driving While Black.”

LGBTQ people who are restricted from housing, education, jobs, and medical care may be forced to rely on survival crimes including trespassing, loitering, retail theft, involvement in th sex trades or street economies, and pick pocketing[w2] .

Once arrested, transgender women are subjected to harsh discrimination, violence, sexual assaults, and harassment at the hands of police officers and correctional officers. Incarcerated transgender women at Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) are placed in sex-segregated facilities, prohibited from taking hormones, and stripped of gender-affirming clothing. Transgender women are often placed in harsher conditions than cisdgender (or non-transgender) inmates, including solitary confinement and medical wards. The effects of institutional oppression, poverty, and criminalization are all barriers to the liberation of our youth.

Read the whole report at BreakOut.



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