cfp: library journal is seeking reviewers!


My wife and I have both been reviewing for Library Journal since 2012 and enjoy the discipline of crafting a review in 175-200 words. You get paid in books, but the exchange seems fair enough for the level of commitment. Anyway! They’re looking for additional reviewers for the “stable”:

We need reviewers! Have you ever considered reviewing for Library Journal? It’s very rewarding. (We sometimes do it ourselves.) Though reviewing for LJ is a volunteer activity, the books are yours to keep, and it’s not a bad line on your résumé, if I do we say so. We need reviewers in all subjects, but we also particularly need librarians and academics who are interested in the following subjects: historical fiction and spy fiction; American and world history, especially military history; religion; arts and architecture; health and medicine; sports, LGBT and erotic romance; business and careers; education; and science. Contact us; we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The contact information, if you’re interested in learning more or signing up is:

Kate DiGirolomo


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