commentary: ala’s glbt roundtable adds ‘queer quest’ column to blog


via GLBT News:

These are interesting times to be a part of American geek culture as a member of any minority group. I mean that both in the genuine, positive sense, and in the sense of how that’s supposedly a curse. For better or for worse, women geeks, geeks of color, and gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and nonbinary or genderqueer geeks are all living through a bit of a war zone, with high stakes on the outcomes. …

This column, as I envision it, will be equal parts readers’ advisory (or viewers’, or players’, or others’ depending) and frontline reporting. To the geekily-inclined queer librarian like myself, I’ll provide updates, reviews, and thoughts on media of interest to our community, as well as reports on current events and developments – positive and negative – in the real world. Given the aforementioned times we live in, I expect to have a lot to talk about.

by Ashley R. Lierman.


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