scholarship: bisexual men fight for visibility


via The Rainbow Times:

Efforts to raise awareness of bisexual issues, including last week’s Bisexual Awareness Week, often focus on the health and well-being disparities faced by bisexual women, which are significant. It’s also important to realize that biphobia negatively affects bi men too. According to BiNet USA, bisexual men have significantly higher rates of suicide than all other groups except bisexual women, and they are also much more likely than gay men or straight men to experience sexual assault and domestic violence.



2 thoughts on “scholarship: bisexual men fight for visibility

  1. I’ve read that bi men are more prone to commit suicide, have other mental wellness issues, are likely to experience sexual assault and domestic violence… and I wonder just who those guys are because as a bi man, I’ve never experienced those things. What I don’t quite understand is why this is being said – is our sexuality really at the root of these issues or is it that a lot of men have messed up lives and they also happen to be bisexual?


    • Thanks for commenting! You might be interested in the San Francisco Human Rights Commission’s report “Bisexual Invisibility: Impacts and Recommendations” (March 2011) which addresses some of your questions. In short, bisexual women and men are more likely to fall through social service cracks because their sexual minority status is viewed with suspicion from both the gay/lesbian community and the straight community. So no, our sexuality is not “at the root” of the issue — the way society treats us based on our sexual identity and/or behavior is a key factor in our social-medial vulnerability. [by Anna C-C]


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