action: the leslie feinberg library/sexual minorities archives

A request for donations in support of the following project:
Author-activist Leslie Feinberg is Making An Historic Donation
Leslie Feinberg plans to donate to The Sexual Minorities Archives (SMA) their entire personal research library – 1,000 books about sexes, gender expressions, and sexualities. These are the books that shaped Leslie’s thinking and writing through decades of activism. Transgender lesbian activist and author Leslie Feinberg is widely read by LGBTQI people worldwide. Feinberg’s published works include two novels, Stone Butch Blues (1993) and Drag King Dreams (2006); non-fiction books Transgender Liberation: A Movement Whose Time Has Come (1992), Transgender Warriors (1996), Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue (1998); and a compilation of journalistic articles, Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba (2009).
We Need Your Help to Bring The Leslie Feinberg Library Home
Imagine researchers and visitors to the SMA having access to Feinberg’s personal research library, including rare books about LGBTQIs and our struggles within the context of race, nationalities and class! What a body of work Leslie has assembled! The SMA will name the historic collection The Leslie Feinberg Library and provide a permanent home for it within our LGBTQI communities-based archive.
… We Can Make this Vision a Reality through Your Donation!

The Sexual Minorities Archives will house The Leslie Feinberg Library in a first-floor room that we will name The Sylvia Rivera Room. Ever kept whole, the library will provide researchers and community scholars with a unique look into the trajectory of Feinberg’s thinking and development as a social justice activist and author. The library itself has historical value as a record of Leslie’s lifelong study of inter-sectional oppressions. It is fitting to name the room in which The Leslie Feinberg Library will be accessible, and in which extensive Transgender subject files are also collected, for the late Sylvia Rivera, a pivotal transgender civil rights pioneer and veteran of the 1969 Stonewall Rebellion. Leslie has donated articles about Sylvia Rivera and a transcript of an interview with her, too. 
Sylvia Rivera Fought Hard! So Has Leslie Feinberg.
Sylvia fought hard for the inclusion of transgender people, people of color, and low-income queers in a Gay rights movement that became increasingly mainstreamed. So has Leslie Feinberg. At the SMA, we work in the spirit of Sylvia Rivera whenever we prioritize the histories, literature, and art of queer and trans people of color, who face not only the most severe discrimination but also whose stories are likely to be omitted or erased within institutional archives and historical societies.


submitted by member Adrienne Marie Naylor.


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